Bee bots

In Nursery the children were learning how to program the Bee Bots. They pressed the control buttons before pressing Go then watched as the Bee Bots moved as instructed. The children had a lot of fun watching them move.

Sports Day practise

In Nursery the children have been practising their races for Sports Day next week. Everyone is taking part in two races. These include running races, balancing a bean bag on the head race, a costume race, an obstacle race and a bat and bean bag race.

Animal lady

In nursery today we had something very exciting happen the animal lady came in to show us her animals she had lots of different ones. The children were aloud to stroke some of the animals and hold some of the, they had lots of fun.
The animals we meet were
A tarantula some children where very brave and held the spider

Two snakes a baby one and a big one

A leopard gecko

A tenrec which looked like a hedgehog

A little grey owl

And lastly we saw the cuties of the animals a little baby honey bear she was so cute



Whatever Next

This week the children in Nursery have been listening to the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We talked about what the bear packed and thought about why he chose these. Then the children thought about what they would pack to go to the moon, drawing these and talking about their choices.

Alien clothes

Today the children needed to help the aliens design some clothes. We spoke about lots of different patterns such as strips, spots, zig zags and flowers.
The children chose a pieces of clothing and decorated with patterns.


Initial sound j

This week we have focused on the letter ‘j’ and the children have listened for this sound at the beginning of words. They also listened to the sounds in words beginning with j such as jam and jug to help blend them to hear the words. Then they had a go at listening for the sounds to help spell the words. We also practised forming the letters in the air and on whiteboards.