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Animal lady

In nursery today we had something very exciting happen the animal lady came in to show us her animals she had lots of different ones. The children were aloud to stroke some of the animals and hold some of the, they had lots of fun.
The animals we meet were
A tarantula some children where very brave and held the spider

Two snakes a baby one and a big one

A leopard gecko

A tenrec which looked like a hedgehog

A little grey owl

And lastly we saw the cuties of the animals a little baby honey bear she was so cute



Alien clothes

Today the children needed to help the aliens design some clothes. We spoke about lots of different patterns such as strips, spots, zig zags and flowers.
The children chose a pieces of clothing and decorated with patterns.



This week in nursery we have been looking at dinosaurs the children took part in painting their own dinosaur. We looked at some pictures of dinosaurs to get an idea of the colours.

We also looked at how dinosaur travelled we did some dinosaur yoga to give us an idea we then went outside to act out being dinosaurs.


Teddy bears picnic

In Nursery F we made sandwiches to take with us on our teddy bears picnic. The children picked jam or chocolate spread to go on the sandwich, we then cut the sandwiches into shapes squares triangles or rectangles. We brought in our teddy bears from home and they came on the picnic with us.


Easter fun

This week in nursery we have been doing that of Easter egg activities we made Easter cards to give to our families.

One day something really exciting happened the Easter bunny came and hide eggs in the garden for us to find we all went out and found one egg each and inside the eggs where chocolate eggs we ate on the benches we had so much fun.

We also made yummy cornflake Easter nest cakes we melted the chocolate in the microwave and added cornflakes to it we then added the chocolate cornflakes to our cup cases and counted 4 mini eggs to our nest.


Easter bonnet

The child in NF took part in an Easter bonnet parade, they all made their bonnets at home and brought them in to school and we showed them off in the hall to our mommy’s and daddy’s and the judges.
We had so much fun!



Mother’s Day

It’s been a very special few days in nursery this week because we have been celebrating Mother’s Day. We invited our mommy’s in to come and play with us we did lots of fun activities. We then had to make our mommy’s a Mother’s Day cards it got very messy we had so much fun.




The next sound we have learnt this week is m. Daisy dinosaur showed us lots of objects that begin with the m sound. We played a simple lotto game with lots of pictures that began with the m sound. We have enjoyed learning to write the m sound saying the rhyme ‘down Masie, up Masie, over the mountain, over the mountain’