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Double consonant ck

In Nursery today the children learnt the phoneme ‘ck’ and that the two letters together made the sound stronger, hearing it and saying it only once. They also learnt these letters are not found at the beginning of words and listened for words with this sound at the end.

Fire Station role play

In Nursery today we opened the Fire Station role play. After watching a video of what a firefighter’s day is like the children had a turn in the station. They waited for the someone to phone 999 before changing into their uniforms and going to help those in trouble.





Making robots

We have been learning about robots in Nursery this week. The children were provided with a range of materials and construction toys to choose from in order to make their own robot.





Some made robots with buttons, some gave robots legs to walk, some made robots that help us, some made robots with wings to fly. We had lots of fun making our own robots.


This week in nursery we have been looking at dinosaurs the children took part in painting their own dinosaur. We looked at some pictures of dinosaurs to get an idea of the colours.

We also looked at how dinosaur travelled we did some dinosaur yoga to give us an idea we then went outside to act out being dinosaurs.